And what comes now is even greater, Part I: The Guru Quandary

The Guru Quandary

Teachers are just teachers. They can only tell you how something works for them. That does not mean it will work for you.

They tell us that I-AM, aka Divine Mind, aka the universe, aka God, is a non-thinking, perfectly reactive part of our mind - our human imagination. They tell us that what we wish for is already on our path. They also tell us that Divine Mind has no judgment.

Given that, then why do bad things happen instantly and good things take time?

Well, the first reason might be that we have been in a negative frame of mind for a long time so Divine Mind is used to the negative state and reacts easily to it.

The second reason might be that negative emotion is stronger than positive emotion?

I can cross out both of those immediately for me. The first might have been true awhile ago, but I've spent years on myself and am positive, happy, and life-affirming. And I do not believe that negative emotion is stronger than positive emotion. If it was, bad would always win, wouldn't it?

So then I have to wonder why when I am happy and positive 99% of the time, if I falter once and growl at the driver in front of me because he is sitting there like a bump on a log and not moving that I instantly rip a nail off. I'm talking instantly. Now, the good side to that is it made me go 'oops, no letting my temper fly'.

But at the same time...should letting it happen accidentally once cause having my nail ripped apart?

A couple weeks ago I received a threatening phone call out of the blue when I had about an hour of a meltdown one morning. I had already stopped melting down and was on my way back up when the call came in. It hasn't happened since.

So what's the deal? If the divine mind is reacting to my negative emotions so roughly, one might wonder if there is more thought to it than this.

The gurus tell us just to imagine our dreams, dreams that are already on our path, and that as long as we know they have come, they will...but then they always add this caveat: In due time.

Explain that one. There is no such thing as 'time' to Divine Mind. It exists out of time. What we want, the desires it gives us, are already on our path. Which means, that if I have imagined it and know it is here, then why do I have to wait for 'in due time'?

Now I'm all for realizing that not everything works on our timetable and that if you expect something and it doesn't show up to shrug and say "my dream is still coming, that it has just been delayed." Because you don't want to crumble, cry, and bemoan that your gift isn't here. That's putting out the wrong energy, right?

But what if all of that is a crock? Okay, not all of it, but the 'in due time' part. What if we are all ready to accept that things will happen in their own due time because the gurus we listen to tell us that is what happens. And since they all tell us this, we are tuned to believe them. After all, it works that way for them, so that must be the way it is.

What if it isn't?

Ever notice that your particular guru isn't always right? Oh, sure, he or she was probably right for him or her. But not necessarily for 'you'. Just because something works for someone else does not mean it will work in the same way for you. It may and then again, it may not. Especially if it works once and you latch onto that guru as your teacher. When something doesn't work out, what happens? You probably blame yourself.

"I didn't do it right."

"What did I do wrong?"

"I'm obviously not at his level yet. I'll study more."

Or, if none of it works, you might blame the guru, calling them a liar.

At which point, you are telling the universe/divine mind that "I'm not doing it right so I don't deserve it. I need to work harder." or "This way doesn't work for me. It never will." Now, Divine Mind, if it was actually conscious, would be shaking its ever-loving mind at that because it is NOT up to us to do hard work. Nope. Nada. Negatory. Our job is to dream the dream, imagine the imagining, know it's here and accept it. Plus, learn to trust our intuition.

Oh yeah…about that whole intuition thing?

Stay tuned for And what comes now is even greater, Part II: Intuition


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