And what comes now is even greater, Part III: Spirit vs Matter

Spirit vs Matter

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As we work harder to embrace the spiritual side of ourselves, we may feel confusion set in. On the one hand, we are told over and over again that we are here to be happy and that we should gain that which we want.

I would say that for 99% of us, we are focusing on the 'object' we want, when in fact, it is the emotion behind said object that we are truly wanting. For instance, a discussion with someone in the spiritual mindset might go something like this:

"I want a car."

"All right. What kind of car?"

"A Maserati!"

"All right. What color?"


"And why do you want the car?"

"I don't know." Or they might say, "I've always wanted one."

"And how will you feel when you get the car?"

To the uninitiated in the game of getting the life you want, their brain may screech to a halt, the blue screen of death may show in their eyes and they get that deer in the headlights look. "Good, I guess."

The universal realm isn't looking for 'good, I guess.'

For the longest time I thought it was because strong, powerful emotions were what moved things. And they do. Don't get me wrong. Energy pulls like energy. And feeling amazing because you now have that Maserati you've had your heart set on since you were seven years old and saw one for the first time…oh, wait. That was me. *cough*

But now…Now I think the universe is looking for that energy for a different reason. The universe/divine mind/god/source/whatever you choose to call it doesn't really care about 'stuff'. What it does care about is your journey. The universe wants you to be happy, joyous, living the best life. It also wants you and me to be going forward on a much deeper journey.

The journey to our deepest, most spiritual self.

The real us, the us that can move mountains, create worlds, and make things happen. The real us that understands so far beyond human understanding that we have no concept.

Now that doesn't mean we don't need to get that Maserati or that trip to Tahiti or the new Ralph Lauren dress we've been eyeing.

But it may mean that our happiness and drawing 'stuff' to us, in turn brings us closer to that which will help us find the true us. In all truth, we are on a journey into knowing. What we find out depends on where we are in space and time – which is amusing because I think we are the only ones stuck within the concept of space and time. After all, man made up the concept. And now we believe it to be true.

When we realize it isn't true, the universe unfolds like a flower, each petal encouraging us further.

But when you look at what you 'need' to gain what you want – the knowledge of what you want, the knowing you have it, the happiness that you've obtained it, and the joy of living with it… Where does that lead you?

To more stuff? More money? More travel? Better career?

Or to a deeper understanding of yourself and the universe?

Because that is where it has led me. I have officially leapt into new territory, territory I always assumed – to my current embarrassment – was esoteric and possibly full of posers.

Where have I been led? Into my spiritual journey. To the realization that all along I've been led on this path that will take me to my biggest goal and to more. (How's that for having your cake and eating it too?)

Stay tuned for And what comes now is even greater, Part IV: Talking with the Divine


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