And what comes now is even greater, Part II: Intuition


You can find Part I here.

I've always doubted my intuition because I would follow something I thought was right and it would crash and burn. Looking back, I understand why - because I would follow the intuition and then would spend my time panicking thinking "what will I do if [insert chosen goal here] doesn't work out?" Yeah, concentrating on what you want NOT happening is definitely not the way to receive it.

So I am learning. And one of the things I am learning most? Is to trust that Divine Mind knows what it's doing. It isn't easy - I want to help. *grins* Me, a simple little human wants to help the divine. Go ahead. Laugh. I do whenever I think about it. Seriously. Divine Mind can do a lot more than I can and a lot quicker. So I'm learning to do my part - think, imagine, know, expect. And follow Divine Mind's communique's. Which currently reads "Do nothing."


I've listened to the gurus. I've not set a time-limit. For one thing, setting a time-limit has not worked in the past. I've gotten over-excited and fretful. Thus, I went along with their words. But I realize now...I'm a different me. Setting a time-limit doesn't affect me like it used to because I understand so much more.

What do I understand? That I create my own life. Me. I imagine. I create. I focus. I expect. I rejoice. I receive.

And the Divine Mind would not have shown me my wonderful dreams, would not have told me they were on the way, and would not have told me to 'do nothing' if they were not from the divine. Which means my goals are worthwhile and mine.

Now, as the universe has told me to do nothing on my three largest goals, I'm following its council.

My dreams come alive now because Divine Mind needs no 'time' to prepare them, which is an excuse my mind put on it. I figured I had to 'wait' for all these wonderful things because the universe needed time to prepare it. Balderdash. For Divine Mind works in the fourth dimension where time is irrelevant. What does that mean? Humans tend to always talk about the timeline as if time was linear. What if time isn't? If everything exists at a different frequency and as we ask for 'this', Divine Mind turns to 'this' frequency' and if we turn to 'that', Diving Mind turns to 'that' frequency. There is no going along a time line.

And all my "I have to wait so that Divine Mind can create my dreams into reality" did was make Divine Mind wait.

Divine Mind doesn't want to wait. It wants to give us what we want when we want it. Instant.

I'm down with that.

In fact, Divine Mind, while I write this, time and space no longer exist. I no longer wait. In fact, I expect. My dreams are here now, in my hands, in my life. 

Thank you!

Now go get your dreams seeded into the cosmic cloud that is your I AM'ness and expect them to appear in front of you. That doesn't mean they will be instantaneous. But then next time your dream doesn't come in the time you specify, you say "my dream is still coming, that it has just been delayed" add, "and what comes now is even greater."

After all, Divine Mind is not here to make us wait, to make us fret, to make us worry. Its sole existence is to bring us what we put out there.

And also, remember, I am not a guru. Nope. Nada. Negatory. I'm just a regular human sharing with you my journey. You may find the way I do things doesn't work for you. And that is normal. We had different upbringings, different trials, and it just makes sense that just because something works for me that doesn't mean it would automatically work for you.

But I hope some of it does.

To having the best lives we could ever imagine, instantly, outside of time and space.


Stay tuned for And what comes now is even greater, Part III: Spirit vs Matter


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